With certain tips and tricks

Today most of the bloggers prefer WordPress as their blogging platform and like to update it with new content depending on their schedule. Despite of the traffic these blogs are generating one of the main concerns that each blogger has is about the security of their blogs and with WordPress, this worry always increases. As we all are aware of the security and hacking threats we all are facing and Internet is one such place there is no absolute security for any site or any blog. Following one of the famous saying, “If Tiger follows you in the woods, you don’t have to run faster than the Tiger, but you have to be faster than the slowest runner in the group”, likewise taking better Information Security Blog¬† precautions than other is always fruitful.

With certain tips and tricks, you can increase the security of your WordPress blog making it hack proof and protecting it from other online threats. Here are some of the great tips that I have found out to be more interesting and easy to be followed. First thing you can start with is to delete the Administrator account from your WordPress Blog or site and before doing it creating a new user ID having all the administrator rights is all the more important. The process is fairly simple and can be practiced by visiting the dashboard of your blog and by creating new user and entering all the relevant information.Second trick is also very simple and can be practiced by a relative novice blogger wherein you have to upgrade the latest versions of WordPress in your blog. This is because every new version is created by eliminating the pitfalls of the previous version. Updating the plug-ins to latest versions is the same technique providing similar results.