The Best Places to Party in Dubai

The Best Places to Party in Dubai

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Without any doubt, Dubai is the ultimate place to throw and enjoy luxurious parties. The high-class lifestyle of this glamorous city gives full freedom to visitors to enjoy the best gatherings of their lives. The diversity in food and beverages is another added factor that makes Dubai the number one choice for party-goers. People visit from far-away countries to host their destination weddings, promotional parties, and graduation parties in Dubai. For that reason, people also try to book or rent places like La Rosa VillaNova Dubai and JBR so they are near all the on-demand party destinations in the city. In doing so, their commute time reduces, which also saves them a lot of money.

The following are some of the top places that you can choose to throw a party in Dubai:

1) Above, Sofitel Dubai Downtown

This place is the ideal spot for hosting a mega party, as it offers a scenic view of the Burj Khalifa. Its top-class service is what makes it a reputable party destination among the rich investors and international visitors. In fact, it is one the modern hotspot that is open to party-goers day and night. However, the vibe of this place is the best in the evening. It features a massive space of 11,800 square feet with a retractable roof. If you are looking for a place to chill and unwind, Above is the spot. The best thing about this party destination is that it is best when it has the resources to cater a huge number of visitors even in hot weather. You can enjoy the lounge area and the all-white bar with your friends and family members without paying much.

2)  A Club Dubai, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

A Club Dubai is a venue that compliments people who enjoy hip-hop the most. It hosts Black Bass on a Sunday as well as artist music launches. They have a massive DJ booth along with a celebrity booth. The two-storey building has plenty of space to dance and have a great night with your friends. Moreover, you can easily find opportunities to meet your favourite stars as it is pretty famous among the celebrities.

3)  Cargo, Pier 7

If you are looking for a party destination that offers an exciting industrial vibe, Cargo is the place for you. It is an Asian eatery with a lively atmosphere with high ceilings, exposed pipes, and a bar designed with the modern architectural approach. The majority of the area is based on the use of wooden crates. This place is mostly favourable for young groups who enjoy sitting on high top-tables. Other than that, couples and intimate family members can also visit this place for an intimate evening. Additionally, the bar has a great friendly atmosphere, tasty food, and striking views.

4)  Cielo Sky Lounge, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Young party-goers who are looking for a place to enjoy sunset views must give this place a shot at all cost. It is an al fresco bar where you can enjoy quality music. The bar has an Ibiza-like vibe and is most appealing to fashionistas and hipsters. The decoration is mostly based on colours such as cool blues and whites. You can go there and dance to fun music as they have the best DJs handling the tunes on the floor. All in all, Cielo Sky Lounge is the right place to relax on sail-like canopies and enjoy views of the skyline and water.

5)  C Club

This club is the ultimate place for a regal feel as it is decorated with wood-panelling and boasts a beautiful high-ceiling space. The C club is one of the famous places among the English visitors as it serves one of the best chops in the city. You will see many English men and women chatting and sipping on their exotic drinks while they relax on soft sofas. However, It is a pleasant destination that can cater to visitors of all kinds. You can come across fashion, glamour, art, and everything nice in this bar.

If you choose to opt for district one Dubai villas for sale or live near the main city, all these fun and exciting aforementioned clubs will be close to you and your visitors.