Don’t Go Broke – How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers – Step by Step

I was told once that if I didn’t know how to pick winning lotto numbers, I didn’t have any chance of winning the lottery. I answered back that winning the Big One was never guaranteed, and before I could get any further, this same person told me that there was a way to predict the numbers that are probably going to be coming up in the next drawing. The lottery is a game of chance, to be sure, and definitely of mathematics, and a person could gain a huge advantage if the mathematics part could become a learned skill.So, obviously, I asked to be taught this skill. Here are some of the things that I learned:

There are so many people who become fixed in a holding pattern. They decide on a set of numbers — usually their kids’ birthdates or some important lucky number วิธีการเล่นหวยลาว  like their anniversary date, or something like that. The problem is that they then sit around each week waiting and hoping that this week their “lucky” set of numbers comes around on the wheel of chance and they can score. The better strategy is to vary the routine and pick a different set of numbers each week, but only after an evaluation of the numbers that have already come and gone.

There is nothing in life that cannot be measured in some way. The lottery is no different. Get behind a strategy that will guide you, and you stand a much better chance of winning. Sure, my guide shared with me, learning the lottery is a small investment, but I didn’t have to overextend myself. If all I could do was get my hands on only one ticket a week, or even just one a month, then I was to stick with that. In other words, I was taught, increasing the number of tickets I bought each time, or getting more tickets more often, will not increase my winning opportunities one bit. So, stick with what I could afford, so I won’t go broke.

The other option, if I just couldn’t resist buying more tickets, was not to go for it and not worry about the budget, but instead to become part of a lottery group. These people form a group to share not only the cost of buying tickets, but to increase the number of entries and therefore their chance of winning.

Each member of the group would purchase one ticket for themselves, pick their own set of numbers — different from the numbers picked by everyone else in the group — and put their entries together. If any one of the tickets from the group wins, everyone in the group shares with the winnings. Sharing expenses, sharing the winnings, and coming together to up the odds of winning is what lottery groups do to help you benefit. These are just some of the things my mentor taught me about how to pick winning lotto numbers. I challenge you to find your mentor, then pick a strategy and run with it. See you in the winner’s circle.