A Guide On Switching Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are one among the foremost common methods of contraception apart from condoms. However, unlike men who just need to search for the proper size and fit find one that’s suitable for them, women cannot just use a pack of pills and switch to a different for his or her next cycle. almost like dating, most girls may need to attempt to endure different pills and their side effects before finding the proper one. for ladies who are thinking of switching contraception pills, below is guide making the switch as smooth as possible: Tech Path

1. Discuss plans to modify pills together with your gyne.

Your gynecologist is your primary ally in your go after better sexual health. Discuss the consequences of your current pills together with your gynecologist and the way these affect your daily activities. Your gyne can assist you determine whether these side effects are normal or are in excess. If you’ve got a selected brand of pills in mind, open up to your gynecologist. There are two sorts of pills, combination pills and progestin-only pills. counting on the type , most pills have similar formulations. Your new pill of choice may have an equivalent formulation as your current pill which can make the switch ineffective.

2. Continue taking your old pill while expecting the go-signal to modify .

When your gyne warned you about stopping and switching to a different pill during the center of your cycle, heed the recommendation . Stopping and switching to a different pill during the center of your cycle can cause breakthrough or heavy bleeding and other symptoms like nausea and headaches. apart from these, switching at the incorrect time increases the probabilities of unwanted pregnancies and reduces the effectivity of the new pill.

3. Take your placebo or inactive pills while waiting.

Birth control pills are usually on 21-day cycles with 7 days of free-pill days before you begin on a replacement pack. If you and your gyne agreed to modify on subsequent cycle, take your placebo pills during the 7 days in between your cycles. this may cause you to possess a period and prime your body for subsequent cycle and new pills. whatsapp DP

4. Use additional contraception method.

Pills need 7 days in your system to be fully effective in preventing pregnancies. So after starting your new pill pack, consider and use another contraception method once you engage in sexual activity . Additional contraception methods can are available the shape of condoms or spermicides.

5. Give your body time to regulate .

Allow yourself a couple of cycles of using the new pill before deciding whether it’s suitable for you. it’s normal to experience irregular symptoms after your first cycle of taking the new pill. it’s going to take an extended time before your body can get familiar with the switch and alter in hormones. you’ll need to endure a couple of side effects like headaches, excess weight, or heavy bleeding during this adjustment period. If the symptoms really worry you, consult your gyne about them. elagage marseille